Monday, 9 June 2008

What Would Dave do?

Interest in the thread has been growing, as have the number of fans for Dave and his "Light-stick"! As a bit of fun, I've reproduced below a number of the many 'shopped pictures submitted by posters in the original thread (many thanks to all the contributors - hope you don't mind me collating the images here).
Credit: Chris Cambo at GTA forums

(Credit: Cheeky Jim)
These T-shirts actually made it into production! Thanks Jim!

(Credit: Unknown - perhaps someone will tell me)

( Credit: The_Sheriff)

(Credit: Dehp)

(Credit: Dehp again)

(Credit: Bodo)

(Credit: Funk)

(Credit: Sound_man)

(Credit: Polus)

(Credit: Funk again)

(Credit: Rhinochopig)

And finally, not a 'shop, but a screengrab of Dave making the frontpage of a leading Swedish financial website: E24


Summer said...

Everyone needs to have atleast one Dave in their lives.

To my Father. Thank you x

gaohui said...