Saturday, 7 June 2008

First Video Inside

Dave arrived after the mini-hammer with his video camera charged. He tied it to some rope incase it slipped, and after dropping the light bulb into down through the crack again, tried to get some footage of the inside of the bunker.

The hat he's wearing is actually quite cool, its a hard-hat disguised as a baseball cap.He shot some with the bulb, and some with "night vision".

Then he went off to edit it and later on posted it up on youtube.

By this stage Dave was gaining quite a cult following with posts on the pistonheads thread appearing along the following lines:-

"Any hat that Dave wears is cool IMO. After all - he's the man with the light gaffer taped to the end of the pole "

"I'm really falling for Dave now, is he single?"

"Every one should have a friend called Dave - they're the human equivalent of a Swiss Army knife!!"

All this, together with the passionate argument that raged on Pistonheads in favour of keeping "Bob the Boulder" or destroying "him", saw the creation of a Face Book Dave / Boulder Appreciation Group.

In the meantime, Dave uploaded the first video of footage of the inside of the bunker and posted it on YouTube or watch in Video Bar opposite.

1 comment:

SEOdefector said...

Ha ha ha, quite a following you got on facebook now, not surprising really, I think this appeals to the kid in all of us.

Cool video too, a rather ominous looking wire hanging from the roof of the tunnel I notice!

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