Saturday, 14 June 2008

Photo behind garage

Well, not an entirely productive lunchtime today, I'm afraid to say....And certainly no gold!

Dave and I went into the tunnel and shot quite a lot of video of all the bits and pieces in there. We'll edit that and put up later. Whilst that was happening, a bloke turned up to have a look at the steelwork for me. He's going to come back and sandblast a patch of it so we can assess how long / much it will take to sort out what appears to be heavy surface rust (afterall - my intention for digging this thing up was always so that I could use it again). He said that he could ultimately only do that once we'd opened the door up some more though.

By the time we'd spoken about that, we were keen to have a peep down behind the garage. Dave thought about rigging up a "suspended" camera.

We managed to climb onto the roof and clamber across.

Then, as Dave was having a look and I was trying to take another picture...

...I slipped and sliced my fingers on a bit of the galvanised roof panel :( All the heavy machinery last weekend and no mishaps, and then this happens! Bugger!

Dave managed to get a picture. It just shows a rock wall and a concrete ceiling. It doesn't look very big from that angle at least!

and by the time I'd cleaned my fingers up, my kids had finished their lunchtime nap and Dave had had a bleep to go into work :(

So, as you see, it doesn't always happen with the smooth precision and breathtaking speed of last weekend! I'll upload the tunnel video shortly.

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Per-Ola said...

Very cool find! Who hasn't been looking for an old underground military installation to dwell in? Sort of cool to have one on your property!
I've always been amazed by this site,, "wanted" a sturdy underground bunker. Your "find", albeit smaller, is fun to follow as well. Good luck with the venture!

I'm in the US (although Swedish by origin), and actually got here by seeing a posting on one of Sweden's main financial news sites;

Amazed that you have racked up over 125 pages (as of today, probably more when you read your comments) on the forum at