Friday, 6 June 2008


On Friday night my mate Dave turned up and we resolved to try and have a look into the bunker through one of the cracks.

We couldn't see much, so we cobbled together a "specialist" light, dismantling a lamp and taping the bulb to a pole!

And so we were ready to get our first view of the inside!

Because of the angle of the entrance hole and the fact that the partially open door is in the way, we can't get the camera down anywhere near the floor yet

But we can position it looking along one side of the roof, and we can't see the end yet

I'm afraid that that's it for today folks. It was getting too dark to stumble around on those rocks anymore, so we covered the hole with a big rock again (just in case any inquisitive cats come exploring in the night) and headed back to base

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