Saturday, 7 June 2008

Mini-Hammer Arrives

Right. Some updates. It was a lovely day, so breakfast at the pier for starters :)

I've just been on the phone to Dave. He's been rigging up a video camera on a pole set-up as suggested. Not sure if it will work, but he's coming back in a moment to try.

I'm also fairly convinced that I want to try to keep the boulder, although some more heavy machinery arrived several minutes ago....

(the name on the side of that thing must be ironic, no?)

The guys that delivered the hammer drill said that they too might try to save the boulder if it were them. One also said that it may be worth a bit of money. Only trouble is they too reckoned i'd need a bigger digger / crane if I wanted to save time in moving it . Its a dilemma, break it and go into the tunnel, or risk delaying things? I'm thinking that maybe some more shrubs can be sacrificed to the left of the thing, and roll it into a new position that way?

In order to reach the tunnel entrance, I need to either move or pulverise the boulder (marked B above).

I'm told that to purchase a boulder like it would be very expensive. That together with a wave of nostalgia is suggesting I should try and keep it. However, to move it safely, I'm told I realistically need a bigger digger. Unfortunately, the one i've got is about the biggest one that I can fit in the entrance to my house and up the driveway!

Furthermore, we discussed the possibility of excavating the area marked red on the diagram, and rolling the boulder there. The diggermen said that because the area marked blue is essentially loose rocks, any excavation of the red area may well cause the whole of the blue area to collapse

In fact, they advised that digging down to the floor level of tunnel may precipitate the same result

What we've decided is to try one last time to move the boulder. If we can't it'll probably have to be "minimised".

We'll then clear gently to allow enough room for someone to go inside the tunnel entrance and do a recce. If it is structurally sound and large enough to make it a worthwhile space, then we'll weigh up what to do about access and any shoring up issues.

However, perhaps the biggest blow to the project is that Dave won't be able to make it tomorrow, and has in fact excused himself for several days Some might think it is because Dave, a notoriously modest guy, has decided to shun his unexpectant thrust into the limelight with his pole and light. The reality is that he is off on a quick pre-arranged holiday

Not to worry, there will be others in attendance with heavy plant.

What do people reckon? Keep the "Temple of Doom" Momento or not? I've not dared look at the cost of all this!


Christopher said...

I know the decision has already been made, and I'll find out if it was kept or smashed in the next couple minutes.

I do hope you kept the boulder though. Not even 100% sure why I think you should keep it, but I'm sure you can figure some way to not smash it up!

Jeff Sanderson said...

Absolutely keep it! I too await this 'upcoming'decision, ah well... let's see what happens...!

SEOdefector said...

Please say that you kept the boulder, its a work of art and if the tunnel turns out to be a let down at least you still have that "little gem"

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