Thursday, 12 June 2008

Luftwaffe Connection?

I've just heard back from one of the local historians who's going to be visiting with some colleagues this evening. Apparently, they've checked their records, and he has
written in his email.....

"Enquiries confirm that this was a store for the Luftwaffe anti-aircraft battery located in the vicinity"

So, where's that anti-aircraft battery I wonder? I'm looking foward to seeing what they have to say when we meet up later.


James said...

excellant read mate, keep it up,


Alex said...

Really enjoying this developing story. Left Jersey 6 months ago and am really missing the place espwcially all the Atlantic wall defences etc...
I hope the blog keeps developing.
Well done mate.

jeffm3 said...

Great blog,

Come from piston heads for a look, didn't post on PH's coz it was getting a bit congested with good thread comments, keep up the good work 88 & welcome back dave, oh have you looked under any manhole covers yet?

all the best with the tunnel jeff