Saturday, 21 June 2008

Getting Impatient

Well I'm still waiting for Diggerman to come back with a quote for doing the main excavation of the entrance road (not something I can just tell him to get on with unfortunately, as it will possibly involve some shoring up). Until that's done I can't really start easily clearing the stuff out, and I really want to get on with that, and start treating the steelwork.

Also waiting for the historians to come back with anything! The possibility that the tunnel might be in any way noteworthy from a historical perspective has also contributed to my reticence in pushing forward!

Several times over the last few days, I've climbed down the ladder, squeezed through the slim gap in the rusty steel doors and paced the cool dark tunnel. Each time I still feel surprised that this thing has been hidden underneath the garden all that time! Whilst endless possibilities as to use spring to mind, just plain old easy access storage would be nice at the moment.

(I've also realised that you can only take so many photographs of a tunnel before they all become a little samey! - Another reason to crack on soon)


Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought if the historians people trying to get that as "listed building" meaning you won't be able to do anything with it?

CY88 said...

A possibility I guess, although if it were I would potentially be eligible for a grant of money for restoration to WW2 spec ;)

StevieG said...

Great site, keep it up!! Have you ever read Elena Filatova's site? She's well known for bombing around the ruins of Chernobyl, but has also done a lot of digging around old German/Russian bunkers on the Eastern Front... some good photos...

We used to play in a large network of old war tunnels near me in the North East of England, they were beneath a coastal defense set-up, opertaed by US soldiers (known as the 'SkyLighters'. Pesky Council collapsed the entrance in the cliff face with dynomite though.
Keep the council well away from your tunnel!

Dan said...

The chamber looks like it could be a drainage sump of some kind.