Sunday, 15 June 2008

Time to slow down a bit!

After last weekend's adventure, I actually decided to spend father's day with the family. When I started the dig last week it wasn't, believe it or not, my intention to actually uncover nazi riches, or end up providing a modicum of world-wide entertainment (some 140,000 blog hits in the last 3 days!).

As a proud member of the website, the original thread was really just to show some heavy machinery, some impetuous digging, and a large hole / potential garage under the garden.

Over this weekend, I've linked to and read discussions on various other threads around the world discussing my bunker. The majority of them are positive. Many are critical about the length of the Pistonheads thread , some can't see what all the fuss is about at all.

The truth is that no thought on my part really went into the events of last week. I happened to have a good bunch of friends who were able to provide help, or gain access to the equipment needed. It was undoubtedly the spontaneous nature of the discovery and its reporting which made it fun for both us, and for the readers and contributors everywhere.

I've had half a dozen approaches from TV people, and several for news items. Dave is on a T-shirt and has fans! I don't think he's forgiven me.

However, the time has come to start going about things a little more methodically, and some thought does now need to be put in. I'm not about to start smashing up my garage, or risk doing any exploring or work that is unsafe.

It's certainly not over yet. In fact its only really just started.

I'm going to be making good the tunnel, and that doesn't really lend itself to daily news updates! Some things may indeed take a while to accomplish. Of course, if I find out anything else interesting while the further work is being carried out (and I hope we do), then I'll let you all know. I'll also give an update if the historians or my researches come back with any interesting wartime information. If the tunnel ends up as a swish bat-cave style garage, then I'll be sure to let you all know how it was done.

Thanks for reading and do check back!


(Picture credit: Bunkermonkey @ Unseen Jersey)


Shawn said...

Ahh, I suppose the rollercoaster had to come to a stop eventually :)

Will continue to check back on your blog, make sure you keep all those pictures coming, heck even if they are of the same thing but different angle, people will still get excited :)

Good luck!

Onuris said...

Hi! Great Blog:) Hope you find something usefull too (beside the "batcave" :)! Be carefull though...mines,traps,holes...
What country is your property in?

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating! I'm looking forward to seeing more as and when it happens!

Anonymous said...

any new updates???