Sunday, 10 August 2008

More 1940s photos soon

This weekend I heard back from the gent whose father purchased the property after the war. He said that he'd had a chance to look back through some old family photos, and that he'd found some dating from 1946, although all but one of them are of the main house (next door). He said that he's put them in the post, so hopefully I'll receive them soon.

He also confirmed that our house burnt to the ground in 1948, although he didn't say how. He said that his father rebuilt it in the same style. That was something of which I was unaware.

Finally, he gave me the location of an apparent cache of old buried bottles in the garden?? Something else to dig for when I can find a spare moment!


Art said...

I don't know how well German bier ages...

Could be great, could be a bio hazard!

nko29 said...

i think i know what the "caps" are i think they are the tops of lanterns.
plus just letting you know i have a bunker in my garden, which is how i found this web page, i can only see the contents through a air vent which i uncovered.
i could only see a few jars,barbed wire,glass bottles and wood.