Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Apologies for Inactivity

...I've been on holiday in the United States for the last few weeks.

For any aussies reading this, congratulations on your Holden / Pontiac G8 GT. I took this one as a hire car whilst there and it was a great drive.

I guess I've got some more digging to do now!


Shawn Zeppel said...

haha yes, the good old Monaro.

Excellent down the straight, excellent sideways around corners. Not so practical on fuel :D

Good to see them getting used over there :)

Fi said...

Is the comment above mine really blog spam for a gardening company?!

Anyhow, I thought you and your readers might find this interesting (something to keep us going until you can start digging again at least!)


Exciting stuff :)

rod.bibeau said...

About time! I have your blog bookmarked and I keep checking back to see the latest updates....but no updates?!!!

I look forward to more pics and commentary!

Duluth, MN, USA

wibble said...

Can I ask which company you hired it with?
I'm in the middle of planning a trip going from LA and back taking in San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Whilst I'm planning on hiring a motorhome for the trip I don't really fancy taking one into downtown LA and the public transport options are very limited, so it looks like a car for the first couple of days is the way to go and I may as well have something interesting :)

CY88 said...

@ Wibble

I got the car from Alamo. I'd actually been looking at the Dodge Charger, but the rep said that I would have been disappointed with that, and assured me that the G8 beat the Dodge in every respect. I'd definitely hire one again.

wibble said...
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wibble said...

Thanks, was considering a Mustang, but as far as I can tell Avis, Hertz etc only do the v6 ones and I'd rather go the whole hog and have a v8 :)
Good luck with digging the tunnel entrance out.

Connor said...

Its not a Monaro, they were sold as the Pontiac GTO. Its actually a VE SS Commodore with an ugly yank front end tacked on. The SS part is especially appropriate for this blog