Sunday, 13 July 2008

Noirmont Point

Well, whilst I'm keen to continue excavations, having spoken to the diggermen, for one reason or another, because of holidays and work commitments, I'm not going to be able to get the heavy machinery back on site until the beginning of August. It's a little dissappointing, but cannot be helped.

In the meantime I've been continuing my research, and it's beginning to become apparent that the area around my house is littered with the remnants of its previous Luftwaffe occupants. I've found that there were at least six other smaller structures like mine in the valley, together with underground and overground armouries, a whole load of above ground workshops and stores, hidden tunnels used as personnel shelters, and makeshift field gun emplacements hidden ominously out of sight in the tree lined hedgerows - guarding the entrance road to the valley. The trouble is that, according to the historians, whilst the Germans were meticulous note-keepers, much of the Luftwaffe paperwork from the Occupation of this Island is unfortunately missing (unlike the Infantry and Marine Korps, about which records seem to abound).

As I have no new pictures or progress from the garden to add today, I thought I'd make a quick visit today to one of the impressive Kriegsmarine Command Bunkers on the coast, on a headland called Noirmont (Black Hill), which overlooks the main port.

Most of the German defences found at Noirmont were part of the Marine Batterie Lothringen, which includes 6 Ständige Flak bunkers, together with an imposing M 132 fire controlpost / Marine Peilstand 1. There are numerous other smaller bunkers including crew shelters and ammunition stores which connect to the open gun emplacements. Many of these buildings have been fastidiously preserved and maintained by the Channel Island Occupation Society.

This is the naval range finder sitting atop the complex, which is itself configured a little like a warship buried into the headland.

Behind this is the entrance, with steps leading down into the multi-levelled complex.

Some of the rooms inside:

One of the batterie flak emplacements with adjacent underground ammunition bunker:-

Another gun emplacement:

And the Watchtower again:


Raist said...

That is so cool! The first interior pic (100_0403_r1-vi.jpg) looks like something directly out of the Castle Wolfenstein video game. :)

StevieG said...

"That is so cool! The first interior pic (100_0403_r1-vi.jpg) looks like something directly out of the Castle Wolfenstein video game. :)"

~ except with a cat flap!

Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hello all I have been following this blog since the first couple of weeks and I must say it has provided hours of entertainment. I live in the US in Missouri and I have been nothing less than intrigued to log on daily to see what is new with the discovery. Thanks you so much for the pics of not only your find but also of todays other bunkers. Great job and keep posting........

crapaudmatic said...

Nice photography, and a fascinating blog.. thanks
Best wishes