Monday, 22 September 2008

AVRO Vulcan Bomber

I've been busy at work. Apologies. The bunker has not been progressing. The closest that I've come to wartime arctifacts was the Vulcan Bomber that flew overheard recently. And that was "cold war", and quite a long way away at that.

So no bunker news at the moment. But have some delta wing silhouettes in the meantime.


DrEvil123 said...

Hooray, you aren't dead!

Looking forward to the next bunker update :)

wibble said...

Very nice, I was looking forward to seeing it at Fairford this year, I was a kid last time I saw one fly, but the bloody weatherput a stop to that :(

Chrisindarwin said...

I love your bunker,the Germans know construction, have a look at the book Vulcan 607 by Rowland White. this isn't an advert about the book but (if anyone loves old warbirds) the book details the Vulcan about to be scrapped when the Falklands kicked off and one last mission it's a great book. I love your bunker
I live in Darwin Australia and we have plenty of WW2 bunkers (Japs bombed from February 1942 till November 1943) and gun positions and airfields abandoned after WW2 in the bush, mostly empty cartridges and not surprisingly old beer bottles
Happy Days

trying4two99 said...

I'm totally bummed that you haven't had time to play in your bunker. Wish I lived closer... i could help you... :) My husband and son have been enjoying your postings and miss them much@! Post when you can.. From the states- we wish you well!